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“With God ANYTHING is possible; just look at what He did in me.” – Sharon Alexander-Jenkins

Sharon My Thoughts illustrates God’s faithfulness to snatch anyone out of hell, regardless of how messy the scenario. This book will encourage you to know that Jesus Christ chooses and accepts all of you, and wants an invitation into your heart.

“God has good thoughts toward you, will you invite Him into your heart?”

In this powerful, inspiring testimonial, Sharon opens up about her personal battles throughout her life including survival of an abusive relationship, overcoming addictions and healing after the loss of a child.

“I wanted to finally feel alive and free. So, I gave myself away.”


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Sharon Alexander-Jenkins

About the Author

Sharon is a 21st century evangelist whose greatest passion is to lead the lost to experience the love of Jesus and witness His power to set them free. Sharon has resilient faith and rightly believes that, “with God ANYTHING is possible; just look at what He did in me.” A simple yet powerful prayer of Sharon’s that she is convinced has continuously been answered by God is, “God, transform me to the point that all people see is your son Jesus when they look at me.”

Sharon gave her life to the Lord in 2015 after years of battling with her identity. She had an affinity toward all things which were satisfying to her flesh, including money (gambling), drugs, alcohol and men. One of the most fascinating facts about Sharon’s testimony is the quickness in which God snatched her out of bondage as she traded in her old lifestyle even while uncertain if God would rescue and transform her. Yet, she now speaks and writes about her past stories to inspire others, and she loves to declare LIFE over her family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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